Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My girlfriend won't let me give her foot massages. Why not?

When she comes home after work or whatever I love to take her shoes off and give her a massage. I guess I%26#039;m into feet or whatever and she has really nice feet. Anyway she almost always says no. She says I can do it %26quot;later%26quot; after she has a shower etc. But it%26#039;s more fun to do it when I know her feet are tired and sore b/c she wears heels at work almost every day in the office. How can I get her to say yes?? And WHY would a girl turn this down I have heard other women talking about how they WISH their guys would do it.

My girlfriend won%26#039;t let me give her foot massages. Why not?
maybe she doesnt like her feet being touched or maube she%26#039;s very ticklish on her feet. or maybe she doesnt want u to smell her feet if they%26#039;ve been sweating after a long day. i know that sounds gross but its true.
Reply:Chuck if I were your girl I would let you massage my feet till the cows come home..........

But to answer your question, some girls are not really into it., after work they prefer to chill or do things. Everyone is different.
Reply:im a girl and i can relate to her i really dont like for guys to touch my feet or anyone to touch my feet.......some girls arent into guys touchin their feet!
Reply:maybe her feet smell bad
Reply:She has ugly toenails.
Reply:probably because she is embarrassed about her feet. If she doesn%26#039;t want one, don%26#039;t force her to take one.
Reply:She doesn%26#039;t like people touching her feet. Maybe she%26#039;s ticklish or maybe she just doesn%26#039;t like it.
Reply:she just wants to get them clean. she also might like to get a shower to get all the work grime off her body. as for me i would let you rub my feet at any time. i have no oder on my feet.
Reply:I HATE my feet rubbed in any way ...And there is absolutely nothing wrong with my feet..I just dont like it...But I would think she would just tell you that and not beat around the bush...I tell my bf straight out that i hate it and i let him do something else for me......There has got to be something she is insecure about on her feet...but i would just find something else to rub :D

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